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Others build houses,
we build

There is one space in the world where your family truly belongs together. It’s not a house; it’s your home. At Lara Construction & Remodeling, entrust your home renovation to people who don’t just know construction - they know the true meaning of family.


Whether remodeling a kitchen, constructing an addition or designing an outdoor entertainment space, the Lara team of construction experts work directly with you to create the quality, luxury home your family deserves. There’s no need to compromise. With 15 years of experience constructing and remodeling homes in Los Angeles, Lara is the premier choice for building quality, building dreams and building homes.

Why Lara?
Why pay a middle man?

Having an in house production team running the show is both time consuming and requires a lot of training that most companies are trying to avoid and that's why most construction companies hire an outside project managing team that communicates between the homeowners and daily workers.

At Lara we believe that all construction communications going from the homeowner all the way down to worker should be as flawless as possible to avoid mishaps. We build our company based on the notion that having an in-house production team will benefit our clients by having their ideas come to life in the most perfect way yet saving a lot of unnecessary funding.

Whay Pay a Middle Man?
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