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When it comes time to build an addition to your home, it’s not just about constructing walls and rooms. It’s about building your legacy for your future. Every family has its own story, and that story sometimes requires extra space. A new baby on the way. Your teenager started a band. Your daughter is moving back home after college. Expand your home filling the space to accommodate your family needs.


Whatever your reason, Lara’s expert team works to accommodate your extra space needs with high quality, comfortable and luxury construction standards. We work closely with you during the entire project, taking every aspect into account, from the early consulting stage where we listen carefully to your needs. The planning stage, includes mapping of all technical specifications needed for the construction phase, such as interior design solutions to fit different style finishes.

Lara is also an experts when it comes to planning and constructing a smart home system infrastructure, inconsideration to electrical, plumbing, communication lines, and more.

Home additions come in all shapes, sizes and configurations. The precise design and details of your addition are unique to your family. Leave the superior construction and finishes to us.

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