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Exterior & Hardscape Design

Exterior & Hardscape Design

Its Sundays, 4th of July, you are having dinner on the deck under a starry night sky and all of a sudden the fireworks start and you walk towards the fire pit covering yourself with a fresh blanket and just sitting back to enjoy yourself.

Fresh air, friends and family gather together creating unforgettable memories. It’s all possible with some extra design and care to your outdoor space.


With the guidance of Lara’s design and construction team, your home exterior and outdoor areas transform into stylish surroundings. Our expertise lie in building gazebos, patios, barbecue areas, decks, outdoor paving, garden features, waterfalls, pools and renovation of home facades to create a superior first impression. We work with every material - wood, stone, marble, brick, rock, concrete, ceramic – and are constantly working on exposing ourselves to new materials that are hitting the market. Your visions is our goal. Expand your living potential with luxury standards that deliver on our great outdoor California vibe.

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